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The reason I chose the title for this blog, besides the obvious Mumford & Sons connection, was solidified for me with the passing of Graham Stevens at 8:32 pm two weeks ago. He was 19, and died without warning. His testimony to us should be to live ‘not with haste,’ because we never know what final date we are rushing towards.

During my escapades in Europe in the summer of 2011 (more on these later), I was told the following:

“Americans know how to entertain themselves, yes, but not how to enjoy themselves.”

In the harsh German accent these words were spoken in, it took me a moment to really understand the depth of what he had just said. It was not merely a critique on American culture, but it really was an insight on the roots of many of our problems! We don’t know how to just sit and enjoy one another’s presence, or do something crazy just for the heck of it, and not for the great Facebook pictures it will provide.

I’ve tried my best to apply this to my daily life since my return (easier said than done, of course). I have not often succeeded, since it is my nature to over-analyze if in fact I am having a good time, but the mantra has helped re-orient me many times towards living life to the fullest, and enjoying God moment by moment.

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