A Common Debate.

An actual conversation with my friends: 

“Hey what do you think of this quote? ‘Instead of either deporting illegal immigrants or granting them immediate citizenship, why don’t we just extend their visas, allowing them to work and stay with their families without impeding on tax-payers dollars.'”

“If we are going to let them stay and work, why don’t we just let them become citizens?”

“Yeah – we are treating them like a second-class group!” 

“They should be able to work, and go to school, and have families just like everyone else!”

Sound familiar? To me, this sounds just like the debate over gay marriage. 

Instead of granting them these rights (marriage, citizenship), we argue our ways around tolerating them.

From my Christian background, I do understand the grounds that marriage is a spiritual, not just a governmental issue, but then again, marriage, with its “by the power vested in me by the state of ____” clause, is now a civil topic. In an ideal world, the two would have been separated long ago, and all couples would have a civil union by the State, along with a marriage by the Church if they desired. Unfortunately, the two are still hopelessly intertwined, leaving us with a fight where nobody can win on good terms. 

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